Creating a Link to the Banner

  • The URL of the image is
  • Add the GET parameters id, type, cols, text and auth
    • id is the Merchant ID (e.g. 13466)
    • type accepts the following values: vertical and horizontal
    • cols defines the number of columns to use. The parameter accepts values from 2 to 20.
    • text defines if the banner info text should be displayed. The text currently says “Suomen Verkkomaksut on nyt Paytrail”. The text is available in Finnish only. The text is displayed at the bottom of a vertical banner or the right hand edge of a horizontal one. If the parameter is not used, the text is not displayed. Values are 0 (text not displayed) and 1 (text is displayed).
    • auth is used to authenticate the merchant. Calculate as follows:
      • Form a string by combining the merchant ID and the merchant secret, e.g. 134666pKF4jkv97zmqBJ3ZL8gUw5DfT2NMQ.
      • Calculate an MD5 sum using this string.
      • The auth parameter should be the first 16 characters of the MD5 sum

Example: Creating the Banner URL

The demo merchant has a merchant ID 13466 and a merchant secret 6pKF4jkv97zmqBJ3ZL8gUw5DfT2NMQ, so to calculate the MD5 sum the following string is used: 134666pKF4jkv97zmqBJ3ZL8gUw5DfT2NMQ.

The resulting MD5 sum is f6483cce23771e8f9282cb6abbff9fe9.

The first 16 characters are: f6483cce23771e8f.

To form a vertical image with 2 columns and the text “Suomen Verkkomaksut on nyt Paytrail”, The URL is: