The last parameter of initWithToken and initWithForm is an object named options. This object can be used to customize the design and functionality of the payment method selection widget. All parameters of the options structure are optional and their default values are presented in parenthesis.

  • widgetId: string (default: 'sv-widget')
    You can define the widget element’s root ID manually if you wish to handle the element dynamically, or the default ID is already in use.

  • charset: string (default: 'UTF-8')
    Character set for the page. Supported character sets are UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1. Parameter is not required for the REST implementation.

  • debug: number (default: 0)
    The widget can be set to test mode with this parameter (value 1). When in test mode the widget reports its functionality to development tools.

  • defaultLocale: string
    Default localization for the widget. Supported localizations are:

['da_DK', 'de_DE', 'en_US', 'et_EE', 'fi_FI', 'fr_FR', 'no_NO', 'ru_RU', 'sv_SE']
  • locales: Array<string> (default: all the available localizations are shown in alphabetical order)
    List of the available localizations. See supported localizations in the _default_Locale field description.

  • width: number (default: 500)
    Widget width in pixels.

  • height: number (default: 0)
    Widget height in pixels. 0 is an acceptable value, the widget height is then automatically determined based on the content. If the widget height is set too small for the content to fit in, a vertical scroll bar is shown in the widget.