Payment Status Queries

The status of an unique payment can be checked with an HTML form.

Website developers can implement a button next to an order to check the status of the payment for any order directly from Paytrail’s service. This way the merchant can be sure the payment was successfully completed in case the information has not reached the website. This kind of situation can occur for example when customer closes the browser before returning to the website and the payment cannot be confirmed as paid with payment status query services provided by the payment method provider.

Example Form

<form action="" method="post">
    <input name="MERCHANT_ID" type="hidden" value="..." />
    <input name="ORDER_NUMBER" type="hidden" value="..." />
    <input name="AUTHCODE" type="hidden" value="..." />
    <input name="VERSION" type="hidden" value="..." />
    <input name="CULTURE" type="hidden" value="..." />
    <input name="submit" type="submit" value="Check payment status" />


Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).


Type: Number[11]

Merchant ID is sent to the merchant after registration.


Type: String[50]

This is the same order number that was generated in the website and sent to the Payment Gateway.


Type: String[32]

The request AUTHCODE. The calculation of the AUTHCODE is described later.


Type: Number[1]

The current version value is 2.


Type: String[8]

The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The valid values for this field are fi_FI, sv_SE and en_US.