Displaying Payment Methods in Checkout

This chapter introduces payment method specific settings. Field PAYMENT_METHODS (only available in the E2 interface) for selecting and hiding methods and list of special payment method specific restrictions is found here in a table.

It is possible to bypass the Paytrail payment method selection page and implement the payment method selection directly to the checkout page in the shop by providing a single payment method value in the PAYMENT_METHODS field. The customer is then directed from the shop to the payment method they selected.

Bypassing the payment method selection page allows you to implement the payment method selection to match the look and feel of the shop. Good alternatives for implementing the payment method selection are a dropdown menu or separate images for each payment method. Payment page bypass is a premium feature (agreement update required) that enables the selection of the payment method already in the web shop. When using bypass, the customer is directed to the selected payment service without visibly passing through Paytrail’s service.

Download payment method logos and banner ↓ (129 KB, ZIP)